Foot Strike of Women for the Olympic Time Trials:

This picture comes from Iain Hunter at BYU: We found it on Peter Larson’s Blog:

Here are some of our thoughts:

It would have been nice to see each of these in turn on video for further analysis; What this shows are a few things;

  • People who are at this level and run fast have different foot strike patterns, this type of foot strike does not always equal the fastest times (though the top 3 were mid foot strikers, something we work with our athletes to achieve)
  • 7 (and 1 DNF) were midfoot strikers
  • 4 were forefoot strikers
  • 11 were heel strikers
  • many runners has asymmetrical strikes, depending on side (4)
  • 4 of these runners seem to have a significant varus in either their fore foot or rear foot. However this is difficult to truly tell from such small single snapshot pictures.  And just because it appears to be a varus landing does not mean that it is true on examination, a foot that has reduced peroneal activity can appear to have a  varus strike, but that does not truly then comment on a true forefoot varus. Also, remember from our previous posts, if a runners is employing a notable degree of cross over gait technique the approach of the foot to the ground and at the ground can appear to be forefoot varus. * These are critical points, because what you see is not necessarily what you truly have.  There are possibly many variables playing out.
  • shoes which have green on them are more popular (7)
  • Neither Shawn nor Ivo could run a 10K and have a chance against any of these folks 

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Ivo and Shawn

Gait and Ovulation…A sexier saunter…

Welcome to Monday morning folks. Here’s something to get you going for the week. Nope, not a post about orangutans, but even BETTER!

Remember, you probably saw it here 1st. You always wondered (at least we did) why women walk differently around the time of ovulation (yes, they REALLY do) , and now here’s the proof. A recent article in Gait and Posture confirms that women walk slower and with what is judged to be a “sexier” gait around ovulation (Go Zsa Zsa Gabor!), which is believed to reinforce their attractiveness and make them more likely to be noticed and attract a partner.

We knew there was a reason we liked gait so much…..

Ivo and Shawn. Bald. Middle aged…Good looking…The Gait Guys