More Gait Guy Gait Gaffs: What it would look like if “The Flash”, ran with heel strike ? click here. Note the excellent anterior compartment use (nice ankle dorsiflexion and toe extension at terminal swing/ pre-impact) but heavy, nasty, heel strike. What is interesting here is that he has adopted a nice forward lean (ala. natural or chi running style) but when combining this with a heel strike gait you end up with an anterior pelvic tilt (which begins inhibition of the lower abdominals) and you then have to begin the power through phase in early-mid stance phase with the hamstrings. You need tremendous lower abdominal strength, and hamstring length and strength to run this way (go ahead, get up and try it running through your office ! let out a great “Yaulp” from the ensuing hamstring pull (ala Robin Willliams in Dead Poets Society) when you find out your abdominals are not strong enough to lean that far forward and still heel strike, without enough hamstring length (on second thought, just trust  us……although i know now we have challenged some of you). This is a medical disclaimer, dont do it !