Podcast #12 : Ice Spikes and Exercise

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1- Email from our New Newspaper “the Gait guys daily”:  
“What do to when you cannot run.” – Triathlon.Competitor.com
link: http://triathlon.competitor.com/2012/10/training/what-to-do-when-you-cant-run_63237

Research suggests that nearly half of all runners experience an injury every year. That’s a whole lot runners sentenced to time off
– so many runners want to still run……Alter G treadmill, pool running
-there are a number of workout alternatives that allow you time to heal without sending you back to square one of your training regimen.
– maintain general fitness, while also providing an important psychological boost
– rowing, nordic ski, swimming, skating (slide boards)
– lateral plane sports for glutes and ankle stability
– reduce injury

2- Winter running on ice……another article on our newspaper:


sheet metal screws
Kohtoola Microspikes,
32 North Stabilicers Sport,
http://icespike.net/  “ICESPIKE™ is like sheet metal screws on STEROIDS

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5- EMAIL FROM A Blog follower: 
Hi Gait Guys,

First of all I really enjoy reading your posts and watching the Youtube clips. They have really helped me in my work.
I have a small question for you if you don’t mind me asking. I’ve noticed on a number of running gait assessments that when viewing from the back the whole foot moves medially whilst the forefoot rotates outwards in some individuals. The knee also moves out to and looks like the hip is externally rotating.
I presume this is not normal (i may be wrong) as the leg needs to recover in a straight line.
My question is why does this happen and if it’s not normal how do you correct it?
I’ve attached a small video for viewing.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards, DAVID


I am a 57 year old runner turned triathlete with a long history of soft tissue running injuries.  I read your blog with avid interest for this reason.  .  It sometimes seems that most of the information is weighted more heavily toward the diagnostician rather than the athlete.  That is, more analysis than corrective measures.  I keep reading of problems and saying “by gosh I’ve got that too” and then I am disappointed that the last chapter (what to do about it) is missing and I am left in suspense.   Ideally I would fly to where ever you are and spend some time getting analyzed and diagnosed and then begin treatment.  In the mean time, I was wondering if your could put together a set of maintenance exercises that every runner should do on a regular basis to keep us aligned and running well.  It seems that then, if I found a particular set of exercises difficult, then I would need to focus on those either for stretching and/or strengthening.  The hips, ankles, core, and feet seem to be the source of a lot of problems.

If you are ever in Washington state, let me know!- Sharon

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8 – Email from a Blog Reader

9- From a blog reader:

jdawg70 asked us a questions on our tumblr blog page
I think I have external tibial torsion on the right with a dropped arch on that foot and front of hip and groin pain on the left leg. I have had standing x-rays of my pelvis from the chiropractor showing a difference in hip heights of 9mm from left to right, that is, the left being that much higher. I do have lots of pain and digestive problems. I was hoping you could help or advise me. I highly value your opinions

10- From one of our Blog readers who contacted us through the blog:
 My name is Maury. Two years ago I noticed my left foot turning out all the time -walking, standing, exercising, etc. I also had hip pain. Eventually we discovered a labral tear and a torn ligamentum teres in the left hip. I had the repair done arthroscopically February 1st, 2012. It is now August and I am still experiencing the hip/foot turned out. My rotation/mobility/flexibility is fairly equal on both sides. My strength is good. I am at a loss. What can I do about this? Thank you.

11- From another blog reader:
from Sherryb1 on the blog

I think there is a correlation between adducted toes—especially adducted and flexed ip joint toes and abdominal strength/weakness. When balance is difficult, you can usually spot the adducted and flexed IP toes. When you watch someone walking with a little balance inefficiency, often you will find adducted and flexed IP toes. Do you see it as the chicken or the egg? Belly/toes, or toes/belly. And have you seen this and, might you have seen anything in the literature to substantiate it? Thank you