In this great little slow mo video we see some things. Do you ? … The Perfect Runner.

1. First clips….. awesome toe extension through the entire swing phase all the way into early contact phase.  You have read here before on our blog entries how critical toe extension is for stable and optimal arch contruction prior to foot loading. Suboptimal arch height can mean that pronation loading occurs in a suboptimal foot tripod posturing and can mean difficulties controlling the normal end point where pronation should stop and convert back into supination to ensure rigid toe off.  (It is kind of like two runners in a 100m sprint. One starts at the line off the blocks and the other gets to start 1 second earlier 10 meters back from the line and gain speed towards the line before the gun goes off.  This is what it is like to start pronation prematurely, or with a suboptimal arch, the starting line where things are fair to all parts has been moved. The foot (the other guy in the race) doesnt have a chance.  Maybe a bad example but you catch the drift we’re surfin’ here.)  Back to our point, Niobe has great running form and great technicals.  Great midfoot strike, yes a little forefoot here but that is what happens when you are barefoot naked on hard surfaces. You have to get good form before you can clean up the technicals.  We spend alot of time on the technicals of running once form is clean. It is what makes the difference between 2nd place and a winner. And it is these little things that mushroom into nagging injuries over time.  We cannot express enough how important toe extension range and strength is for proper foot function and a strong neutral foot tripod.  We rarely have to address long toe flexor strength, short flexor strength yes, but not long.  Toe curls, towel scrunches, picking up stuff is not on our list of homework.

2. Second clip. He is skirting the issue of cross over without going too far. He could do a bit better but all in all pretty decent.

3. Emmanual Pairs, big dude ! No cross over. Awesome form.

4. Krysha Bailey. Long jumper. As with all sprinters, no cross over, beautiful form.

Just some easy topics and viewing for a Saturday blog post.

Have a good day brethren !

Shawn and Ivo