Podcast 49: Winter Running Biomechanical Problems

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1. Skulpt Aim: World’s First Device to Measure Muscle Fitness with One Touch | Indiegogo


3. Something to consider when it comes to injuries, whether they are closed injuries and certainly when they are open injuries !
Bacteria directly activate sensory nerves

Gait Talk:
4. walking on ice vs on slipper hardwood floors with socks.
what are the gait changes that need to be adapted
are their neurologic effects ?

5. The Pros and Cons of Stride Variability

Our Disclaimer !  
6. From a blog reader:
Hi Gait Guys – amazing wealth of info you’ve provided! I’ve been suffering from severe foot pain (peroneal tendonitis and general top/side foot pain) for about a year now which has turned me from very active to completely sedentary since I can hardly walk. My ortho gave up on me after 9 months of treatment incl. countless oral and injected steroids and 2 months in a boot. Then this morning I found your site – and the “The Gaits of Hell” video. That’s my walk!! Is it really all in my back?
7. From a blog reader
Question: when my feet point straight my knees point outward from my body. I’ve heard it called external femoral torsion …

8 . Effects of Nonslip Socks on the Gait Patterns of Older People When Walking on a Slippery Surface

9 . National Shoe Fit Program
10. Running Form: Recognizing Patterns and Posture