Foot Strike of Women for the Olympic Time Trials:

This picture comes from Iain Hunter at BYU: We found it on Peter Larson’s Blog:

Here are some of our thoughts:

It would have been nice to see each of these in turn on video for further analysis; What this shows are a few things;

  • People who are at this level and run fast have different foot strike patterns, this type of foot strike does not always equal the fastest times (though the top 3 were mid foot strikers, something we work with our athletes to achieve)
  • 7 (and 1 DNF) were midfoot strikers
  • 4 were forefoot strikers
  • 11 were heel strikers
  • many runners has asymmetrical strikes, depending on side (4)
  • 4 of these runners seem to have a significant varus in either their fore foot or rear foot. However this is difficult to truly tell from such small single snapshot pictures.  And just because it appears to be a varus landing does not mean that it is true on examination, a foot that has reduced peroneal activity can appear to have a  varus strike, but that does not truly then comment on a true forefoot varus. Also, remember from our previous posts, if a runners is employing a notable degree of cross over gait technique the approach of the foot to the ground and at the ground can appear to be forefoot varus. * These are critical points, because what you see is not necessarily what you truly have.  There are possibly many variables playing out.
  • shoes which have green on them are more popular (7)
  • Neither Shawn nor Ivo could run a 10K and have a chance against any of these folks 

Have a great Saturday

Ivo and Shawn