Another IFGEC Certified Doc!

Here is what Dr Brad Hochstein has to say about the National Shoe Fit Certification Program.

“Taking the National Shoe Fit Certification course has introduced me to many things that I didn’t take into consideration when working with my patients. The depth of information introduced is very helpful and presented more clearly than other courses I have taken in the past. I have studied a lot of the concepts that are introduced through the program in the past but struggled to put everything together. This certification did just that for me. It has helped me to link things together and look “outside the box” more than I had in the past.

I am a chiropractor with an extensive functional/biomechanics background and this has added another level of depth to my practice assessment and treatment. I am excited to incorporate the knowledge I have gained through this certification into my practice to give my patients an even better experience!”

Is it time to up your knowledge base and separate yourself from other clinicians, coaches, trainers, therapists and retailers?

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Congrats to Coach Cameron! Our 1st Certification in Germany!

Here is what this coach has to say about the IFGEC Certification program:

“I found the National Shoe Fit Program very informative. So much information was presented in a short amount of time, and I have learned a huge amount. Without being able to stop to write and go back to check I had the information clear in my head I would have only taken away a very small amount of the detail required to start to get my head around this subject.

I am a coach, personal trainer and an athlete and will be using this within my coaching here in Germany. After buying so many shoes and seeing Doctors in the past about problems had with running I am amazed that not one person had gone into the detail and really looked at my feet in the way they should have been. I now believe I have been given a short cut to all the basic information and now have a solid platform on with to build more biomechanical information.

Thank you for the course.

Regards Cameron Lamont”

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Another IFGEC Certification granted:

Here’s what Mark Small has to say

“The National Shoe Fit Program is beneficial to many fields/disciplines including, but not limited to, coaches, personal trainers, athletic trainers, physical therapists, podiatrists, and chiropractors (I would say MD’s, but it doesn’t come in a pill), as well as those who sell shoes.  The program offers tools to help us understand individual differences and their effects on gait and performance.  Some of the material includes:
    •    Foot anatomy
    •    Anatomical Landmarks
    •    Foot types
    •    Pathologies
    •    Basic biomechanics
    •    Shoe fit functional testing
    ⁃    Static and dynamic tests to assist fitting
    •    Finally shoe selection
    ⁃    Picking the best shoe for your client/athlete/patient

Some of these topics may be a good review for some of the advanced disciplines listed above. What the program is able to do, even for them, is to link everything together in a methodical, step by step, detailed approach, that applies what we have learned into something predictable and usable. We are often looking for ways to increase performance, decrease pain and get people to move better.  I, for one, believe that much of bad movement, pain and dysfunction have to do with inappropriate footwear, this course is a starting place to help correct that problem.  I am looking forward to Level 2 & 3 certification programs, but more importantly, I am looking forward to applying what I am learning with the people I serve.  I’m not a Gait Guy… more like a gleam in the gait daddy’s eye, but I’m working on it.”

Congratulations, Mark!

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