Podcast 56: Crawling, Neurodevel. & Foot Strike

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Human quadrupedalism is not an epiphenomenon caused by neurodevelopmental malformation and ataxia.  

” a re-emergence of the ancestral diagonal QL, and (3) it may spontaneously emerge in humans with entirely normal brains, by taking advantage of neural networks such as central pattern generators that have been preserved for about 400 million years.”


Front Neurol. 2012 Oct 25;3:154. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2012.00154. eCollection 2012. Karaca S1, Tan MTan U. Human quadrupedalism is not an epiphenomenon caused by neurodevelopmental malformation and ataxia.
2)  selectively removing torsions ? bunions ?  
FDA Panel Mulls Technique That Creates Babies Using DNA of 3 People
3) A Crazy Oculus Rift Hack Lets Men and Women Swap Bodies


“Minimum effective dose: Why less is more” – via Farnam Street blog. True for manual therapy, for sure. Lighten up, hack nervous system instead of trying to force structure to comply.http://www.farnamstreetblog.com/2014/02/the-minimum-effective-dose-why-less-is-more/
6) Unpowered Treadmills

Podcast #15: Brain Size, Gait and Evolution to Bipedalism

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abnewman10 asked you:

Both my big toes planterflex. My right toe has Morton’s toe and elevates when standing in neutral. My left toe elevates and twists inward when standing in neutral – I think I have Rothbarts toe. I have tried two orthotics that drop my big toes and it caused a lot of pain up through my pelvis and back. What are the treatments for Morton’s toe and Rothbart’s toe for the big toe joint – would you use a Morton’s toe joint pad and/or full Morton’s extension? Thank you, Andrea