Does hill running equate to biking when it comes to pathomechanics ?Think about it, when  you are hill running, one leg is in extension while the lead leg is in more extremes (compared to road running) of hip flexion reaching up the hill for the next step. Isn’t this similar to biking ? On the bike one is bent over leaning forward, the lead leg is in extremes of flexion while the foot on the bottom crank has that same hip in extension.  So does hill running equate to biking ? Well, no. But then it comes to approximating anterior hip structures, there are some similarities. You cannot deny that there seems to be some similarities to pathomechanics.This was a post from a few weeks ago, but this week in our online teleseminar class we went over these principles.  We talked about some of the same biomechanical principles and vulnerabilities in hill running and when in biking.Might be a good time to revisit this brief blog post and see why we had hill running and biking in the same conversation.

Dr. Shawn Allen

Here is the hill running blog post where we mentioned a few things.

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