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an EXCELLENT review with some great rehab tips at the conclusion like this

“Once isolated contraction of the deep external rotator muscles
is successfully achieved, progression can be made to the
rehabilitation of secondary stabilisers and prime movers of the
hip, particularly the gluteus maximus, initially using nonweight
bearing exercises and progressing to weight bearing
exercises once motor control and strength allows. Pre-activation
of the deep external rotators may make these exercises
more effective. Deficits in flexibility and proprioception
should also be addressed at this stage. Once adequate hip muscle
strength and endurance is achieved, functional and sports
specific exercises can then be implemented. ”

Can local muscles augment stability in the hip?: A narrative literature review T.H. Retchford, K.M. Crossley, A. Grimaldi , J.L. Kemp, S.M. Cowan J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact 2013; 13(1):1-12

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