Fore foot types: Differences between forefoot varus and forefoot supinatus.

Certainly this can be a contraversial topic. Perhaps this will help clear up some questions.

Supination of the forefoot that develops with adult acquired flatfoot is defined as forefoot supinatus. This deformity is an acquired soft tissue adaptation in which the forefoot is inverted on the rearfoot. Forefoot supinatus is a reducible deformity. Forefoot supinatus can mimic, and often be mistaken for, a forefoot varus. A forefoot varus differs from forefoot supinatus in that a forefoot varus is a congenital osseous deformity that induces subtalar joint pronation, whereas forefoot supinatus is acquired and develops because of subtalar joint pronation (1).

A Forefoot Varus induces STJ pronation whereas a Forefoot Supinatus is created because of STJ pronation (2).

As the foot experiences increased subtalar joint (STJ) pronation moments during weightbearing activities (as in forefoot supinatus) , the medial metatarsal rays will be subjected to increased dorsiflexion moments and the lateral metatarsal rays will be subjected to decreased dorsiflexion moments. Over time, this increase in STJ pronation moments will tend to cause a lengthening of the plantar ligaments and medial fibers of the central component of the plantar aponeurosis and a shortening of the dorsal ligaments in the medial longitudinal arch. As a result, the influence of increased STJ pronation moments occurring over time during weightbearing activities will tend to cause the following (3):

1. An increase in inverted forefoot deformity.
2. A decrease in everted forefoot deformity.
3. A change in everted forefoot deformity to either a perpendicular forefoot to rearfoot relationship or to an inverted forefoot deformity.

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1. Clin Podiatr Med Surg. 2014 Jul;31(3):405-13. doi: 10.1016/j.cpm.2014.03.009. Forefoot supinatus. Evans EL1, Catanzariti AR2.



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