Abductory twist in your gait ?

Last night on our www.onlinece.com teleseminar we discussed some clinical applications and critical thinking of gait parameters and pathology. We discussed the dynamic gait pedograph below. Possible evidence of Abductory Twist gait pathology (video linkhttps://youtu.be/F3DHRoHrYOs). In this case, client had loss of internal hip rotation, but they sure love external rotation pivot at the ground interface, as the pedo shows here (more details were provided on the teleseminar last night).
*Fix the problem, retrain normal gait skills, add endurance and strength to the new gait pattern and you have a solution. Add an orthotic to treat what you see on the pedograph and you have a bandaid (and potentially/probably a problem down the road). You can’t fix a motor pattern compensation by forcing a compensatory fix. Get to the root of the problem, in this case hip and pelvic biomechanics ! It is all about mobility and stability ! 

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