Lets make a resolution…Or not…

Cool guy, cool picture, cool scenery. Motivational? He is the fitness guru the developed the “Insanity” workout series, amongst others.

But looks may be deceiving.  

For reference, draw a line from the philitrium, interpec interval, symphisis pubis to area bisected between feet. 

Did you notice the following?

  • crossing arms across midline; look how far that left arm is abducted.
  • look at pelvis list to left. If you bring that arm in, you need to compensate somewhere
  • did you notice the hip hike on the left? That may have something to do with the excessive internal rotation of the thigh on the left. Is that because of the pelvis shift to the left (to compensate) or is he making up for limited internal rotation of the right hip?
  • what about the subtle head tilt to the right? is that driving the compensation or is it another compensation?

Questions, questions, questions…

We are choosing to make a resolution without him for the time being : ) More on this photo another day.

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