Podcast 77: Gait analysis, Forefoot Running & more.

Plus, the 5 neurologic gait compensation expressions.

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Google X acquires ‘tremor-canceling spoon’ startup

The 5 expressions of neurologic gait decomposition,
Last week we did an online teleseminar … . .
An acoustic startle alters knee joint stiffness and neuromuscular control
Effectiveness of Off-the-Shelf, Extra-Depth Footwear in Reducing Foot Pain in Older People: A Randomized Controlled Trial
I really appreciate learning from you!! I have a bit of a loaded question that I will try to explain clearly to the best of my ability. About 2 years ago, I broke my left shin (hairline-fibula) in a MMA fight. After it healed, a few things have been happening that I assume are connected but can’t quite put my finger on. My ankle mobility on my left ankle is worse than my left. I seem to have permanent turf toe as well. My right glute, ham, and erector are hyperactive.
Additionally, many times when sprinting, pushing a sled, etc, my right quad will become fatigued much more than my left. I believe it’s because I’m not fully extending my left ankle, and relying on my right leg more. Whenever I squat or deadlift, I feel similar too. The right glute and erectors get much more of a “pump” than my left. With all of this, is there anything you would recommend? I truly appreciate it!! It is very frustrating. Thank you again!

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