Podcast 76: The FMS™ screen and Injuries, Impact Loading & more.

Podcast 76: Association of Functional Movement Screen™ With Injuries, Wool workout gear, landing softly and more !

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Today’s Show notes:

Last week on our social media sites we posted this article that garnered 9000+ hits:
Runner? LONG DISTANCE runner? Better be careful out there!
then this news this week:
Well-Regarded Endurance Athlete Chad Denning Dies While Running Appalachian Trail | Valley News
Association of Functional Movement Screen™ With Injuries in Division I Athletes
from a reader:
Hey guys, great site, sometimes a bit more than I know at this point. Just graduated from massage school in april. I have been diagnosed with tendonosis of the Achilles heel. Also finding that my leg doesn’t fully extend while walking, anything I can do besides hamstring and calf stretches. It really happened after a 30 mile hike with a 40 lb backpack, Help 
Thanks, sincerely Hector
Synthetic Workout Gear Smells Worse Than Cotton Gear
 Land Softly And Carry Less Injury Risk



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