So you do not think arm swing is important huh ?  Read these 2 stats and recalibrate your thinking.  

This was yet another slide from last nights well attended teleseminar. Those that attended learned all of the up to date facts that doctors, trainers, coaches, therapists need to quickly understand what factors to look for when observing someones gait.  Including our favorite, “what you see is not the problem in their gait, rather it is there strategy around the faulty parts, problem or pain.”

If you think that changing arm swing at the local level is not a big deal, just digest the towering facts from this slide.  Arm swing is a big deal ! It is a CPG generated big deal (Central Pattern Generator).  

Sorry we missed you last night.  The teleseminar was recorded and should be up on or in a few days for you to enjoy on your own free time (and so are a few dozen of our other lectures !).   

So, if you are coaching or making local-level arm-swing form running or training changes in yourself or your client, you are probably making some big mistakes.  Our lecture brings this all to light for you in one place !

Arm Swing matters…….. more than any of us previously knew !

Shawn and Ivo, The Gait Guys

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