The Cross Over Gait

Did you miss our teleseminar presentation on this topic last night on ?

Here is a sample of one of our slides.  The cross over gait is potentially a real problem for some. The question is always, how much cross over (running or walking) is too much for a client ? When does it need corrected ? Does it need corrected ? Leave it alone ?  We answered these hard questions in our teleseminar.  

Lucky for you recorded it so you can take the class anytime !  (just give them a few days to process the recording). 

As you can see from just this slide here, we looked at many aspects of the cross over. But we also discussed STEP WIDTH, lateral compartment weakness and tightness as coexisting pathology, and so much more.  Stay tuned, we will be recording this program into an extended and more in depth course for you all in a video format with course notes and more and then have it for you on our Payloadz website (which you can access here for our present offerings).

In the mean time, consider looking for these “Big 6” and when you see them co-existing you might want to look for a cross over pattern in your client, it just might be there sometimes.

– weak gluteus medius

– weak TVA and obliques

– weak adductors

– weak medial quadriceps

– weak tibialis posterior

– excessive foot pronation

Shawn and Ivo, The Gait Guys

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