Podcast 36: Heel lift lies, the Exercise Drug & Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours.


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Today’s show notes:

Neuroscience piece:

1. Health Scanner Scanadu Scout: the future of medical info gathering ?

2. The Exercise Drug:


3. FB reader sent us a message:

 am posting this to see if I can get a little bit of help from the best professionals in the area (you). 

I have read some of the information on your site and I think I have quite a problem on my right foot. It happens that the medial part of the foot tripod does not touches the floor at all and I have lack of support in that zone. So it seems like my forefoot is varus. I have also noticed that when I am standing it looks like my rear foot is valgus. So, I can’t really compensate this problem because if the forefoot is varus and I try to put it neutral, the rear foot gets even more valgus, and if it I try to put the rear foot neutral, the forefoot gets even more varus and my big toe does not touch any part of the floor. Can you please help me? I do not know what to do and I am a little bit desperate because nobody I went to could help me. You are probably my last hope. I know I can correct this and I have the will and dedication to pull it off. I bet there are some exercises I can do but I do not really know which at all. 
Thanks in advance. -Jorge

4. Another TUMBLR reader asks question about
Guys what are the possible muscular causes of genu varum during initial swing?
5. Another off tumblr:  Anything  you can talk about on this topic ?
How does running in low-to-no light conditions effect your gait/running/injuries/etc?
6. Topic: step  width

Changing step width alters lower extremity biomechanics during running

7.  heel lift vs. sole lift
why and when would you use only a heel lift…..unilaterally ?
8. National Shoe Fit program: 
Link: http://store.payloadz.com/results/results.aspx?m=80204
9. Questions from a field doc:
Hey guys,

 I have heard you guys say many times that many people who choose to venture into minimalistic footwear have not “earned their right” to do such without increasing their risk for problems.  I was wondering if you could explain what parameters you use to determine if and when they are ready.  
10. Shoes: does pronation matter
11. Shoes #2:
12. Malcolm Gladwell debate, 10,000 hours

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