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Hi Gait Guys gang:
Some temporary changes as we move into Q4 of the year. The Gait Guys have some big projects on our desk. Things we want to get done for you, our loyal followers. We have some new additions and directions for the podcast which you will all likely enjoy, especially those of you who feel that the info is a bit too complex at times with too much medical and latin jargon. We will be skipping a podcast this week to ready ourselves for the change. 
But being the busiest time of the year for us in our clinics, plus holidays coming soon, we will be doing only 2-3 blog posts per week now so we can get the other projects done for you by the end of the year. You will likely hardly notice the change as other things come aboard, but we wanted you to know we are not going anywhere, or losing steam in our mission.  Time is just our most precious commodity and we are a bit short on it in Q4. Enjoy today’s blog post on Part 3 of the Frontal Plane Hip Biomechanics.  3 down, and 3 more parts to go !

Shawn and Ivo

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