The Gait Guys Podcast #3: S1E3 (Season 1, Episode 3)

Podcast #3: S1E3 (Season 1, Episode 3)

The Gait Guys Podcast #3

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Here is a brief outline of the topics on today’s podcast #3.
– Computer simulation of stress distribution in the metatarsals at different inversion landing angles
– Pencil Skirts: walking in one and how it is troublesome for normal gait.
– an email from a coach
– a youtube video about gravity and its effects on humans
– the Secrets to Running Downhill fast
– Shoe talk: The vivobarefoot
– a case of a sprained my left ankle
– we discuss a case study from a listener in Ireland (rock on Damien! )


And, below is a detailed outline of podcast #3.

Hello: I recently saw you guys speak at the NSCA clinic at Chicago State University and I am immensely impressed and relieved to find someone able to clearly explain gait in such thorough detail. The Gait Guys blog has been immensely helpful in myself and my running clients. I would like to inquire if “either of you” would be interested in being a guest speaker at the AMA as a part of our Wellness Program’s monthly seminar series.

Computer simulation of stress distribution in the metatarsals at different inversion landing angles using the finite element method Abstract: Metatarsal fracture is one of the most common foot injuries and is often associated with landing in inversion. The deformation and stresses of the metatarsals during landing at different inversion angles (normal landing, 10 degree inversion and 20 degree inversion angles) were comparatively studied. The results showed that in the lateral metatarsals stress increased while in the medial metatarsals stress decreased with the angle of inversion. The peak stress point was found to be near the proximal part of the fifth metatarsal, which corresponds with reported clinical observations of metatarsal injuries.Landing in inversion is another factor which potentially could affect the metatarsals leading to deformation and fractures; however, most published studies on landing in inversion have focussed on ankle ligaments and sprains during this abnormal movement 3. TOPIC: Pencil Skirts: walking in one and how it is troublesome for normal gait

4. EMAIL FROM A COACH: *( we will be answering most of your questions on these podcasts. It may take a week or 2-3 to get to them. We hope to have a “podcast table of contents for each podcast” on our new website when it gets launched. That way you can search for topic lists and look for your email. We will only use your first name, or whatever name you wish to provide. We will not give out your email.

The body’s biomechanics are different running up and down hill, but you are also dealing with gravity differently.
Einstein did these things called “Thought experiments”.
It is a YOUTUBE CLIP , type “albert einstein-2“ into the SEARCH box.
we will start the clip at 4:14 min clip to 8:40

6. REVIEW of our favorite BLOG POST OF THE WEEK:
The Secrets to Running Downhill Fast.Last month we contributed to Jene Shaw’s article in Triathlete Magazine.

Please hit the link here for the entire great article by Jene Shaw. There is lots more here. LINK
Here were some of our Form tips used in Jene’s article for going fast downhill. Hear about them on the podcast.

Hi there
I’ve been going to physio therapists for a while with lower back and posture problems, which I now think are related to how I walk (duck footed). So far the only thing I have really got from this would be a nice massage.
What is the main issue with the “Duck footed” posturing and what kind of professional or practioner should I see about correcting issues like this?
Thanks very much, MIKE

The vivobarefoot

Hello Gait Guys, In the past, I have sprained my left ankle in which has led me to think that this is the cause for me having a flat foot. This in turn has led me to having problems around the knee and the hip. Are there any exercises I can do to improve my medial arch? If there are videos that you are selling to teach how to deal with this problem, could you link me to it? Sincerely, Zac

response: youtube video: The foot tripod: the importance of the toe extensors in raising the arch. also read our blog post ( February 16th, 2012 blog post for more)

Hi There,
My name is Damien and i am writing you from Ireland. I’ve watched a lot of your videos online on YouTube. They are amazing. Congratulations on such a great and informative service. It’s so refreshing seeing people want to diagnose and fix feet rather than putting insoles or arch supports in place. I have alot of things going on with my body, let me get started … . .
So that is the topic list for this week, podcast 3. We hope you can find time to lend us your ears.
Shawn and Ivo…….. The Gait Guys

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