Gait and Ovulation…A sexier saunter…

Welcome to Monday morning folks. Here’s something to get you going for the week. Nope, not a post about orangutans, but even BETTER!

Remember, you probably saw it here 1st. You always wondered (at least we did) why women walk differently around the time of ovulation (yes, they REALLY do) , and now here’s the proof. A recent article in Gait and Posture confirms that women walk slower and with what is judged to be a “sexier” gait around ovulation (Go Zsa Zsa Gabor!), which is believed to reinforce their attractiveness and make them more likely to be noticed and attract a partner.

We knew there was a reason we liked gait so much…..

Ivo and Shawn. Bald. Middle aged…Good looking…The Gait Guys

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