SCARY gait of the week.

OK, so we do not even have one complete gait cycle to look at, but what an excellent clinical example.

Here is an example of someone who has not earned the right to forefoot strike. Go ahead, step through the video a few frames at a time.

First notice the abductory twist of the Left foot as it leaves the ground (toe off). You will also notice that the left foot also leaves the ground with a low gear toe off instead of a strong push off the big toe/medial foot. Now watch the external rotation and abduction of that extremity (:05) so it can plan for the next footstrike and try and clear the Right leg.  Why is this ?  Well, we do not have a complete gait cycle but if you were to draw a line down the middle of the treadmill you would see that this is a great example of some of the things that occur during the CROSSOVER GAIT.  Yup, we are back pounding this flawed gait technique. It is common to strike the ground on the far lateral foot and then pronate quickly through the midfoot. It is also common to increase the foot progression angle. 

One might suspected forefoot varus as seen from :03-0:05, with the sudden forefoot pronation of the Right foot. It does look mostly controlled however, the steep Right forefoot varus positioning the the air before contact could bode more for the mechanics that go with the CROSSOVER gait.  (CrossOver gait you say ? Haven’t seen our 3 Part Cross Over gait video series on YouTube ?  click here for Part 1)

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!  Ditch the prison socks, read our treadmill article coming out soon in Triathlete magazine so you know the true problems of treadmills, and learn to run with good technique.

Have a marvy day, you footgeek, you

Ivo and Shawn

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