Gait arm swing….. more on Dr. Carrick and Sid Crosby

more on Dr. Carrick

you will see here some clues into what Dr. Carrick (One of Dr Ivo’s and Dr Shawn’s Mentors), and what we, look for in gait and arm swing etc.  It is so much more than telling someone to swing an arm more, or turn a foot in.  It is about the brain and global function. Remember Dr Ivo’s Neuromechanics lecture on the central integrated state? (if not click here).  That is what this is all about.

Gait arm swing….. more on Dr. Carrick and Sid Crosby

Neuromechanics Weekly:

What does the Reticular Formation have to do with gait?

Have you ever worn flip flops? What do you need to do to keep them on? Clench (flex) your toes (specifically your flexor digitorum and flexor hallicus longus). What does that have to do with gait?

Take off your shoes (hopefully you showered); reach inside (unless there is something growing in there) and pull out the removable insole.  Look at it. See those toe marks? Looks like someone has been clenching their toes again! So what?

This video exemplifies why flexor dominance (you have heard us say it many times) inhibits extensor activity. The upper part of the reticular formation fires the extensors, but the lower part inhibits them AND the corticospinal tract (basically the motor pathway you use to fire most of your voluntary flexors) stimulates the lower reticular formation (which inhibits the extensors). Many pathologies are because of flexor activity, and his is one of the pathways that’s facilitates that pathway. The key to fixing many problems? Fire the extensors! (And stay out of flip flops)

The Gait Guys….figuring it out and explaining it to you in terms that make sense. And no, we do not own any flip flops….

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Shawn and Ivo

Lauren Fleshman on her injuries. Biomechanics you say ?!

We should have called this blog series, Saving Lauren Fleshman.

She seems like a real smart gal. It is not her job to figure this stuff out though so we do not fault her in the least.  We just hope she or her doctors look at our blog posts and youtube videos. Anyone want to nudge her in that direction ?