Gum Shoe…. def.


1. a sneaker or rubber overshoe

2. (slang) A detective or private eye

But in this case……. it quite literally looks like a shoe with gum stuck to the heel and ground ! This pair of pumps is gonna get looks. Pretty amazing what some people think of. Probably courtesy of the guy in the cubical beside you who’s supposed to be doing your mothers taxes but instead is photo-shopping stuff like this to serve his shoe fetish. None the less……a creative mind. We cannot remember where we found this pic……. we would love to give credit to the innovator if he or she is out there…..drop us a line !

By the words of the legendary Rock band Boston………Walk on…..

“Take a look around and tell me what you can see
I guess that all depend on exactly what you want it to be
Is your cup half-full? Is your cup half-empty?

How can you get what you need in the land of plenty?
Everybody gets carried away
Everybody’s trying everyday to remind you
Leave it behind you
What’s it take to see?
What’s it take to believe right from wrong?
Never knowing where you belong
Walk On
Walk On ”

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